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Village SquareCast

Mar 11, 2021

It wasn’t long ago when a reference to cancel culture would provoke mostly quizzical looks in anyone over 23. Now no matter your age, it’s the new normal — if your opinion doesn’t conform and the Twitter mob finds you, you’re not only exiled but life as you know it could be over. This isn’t a partisan phenomenon (although partisans would have you believe it is), rather it’s a part of a new way of doing business driven by social media and practiced in earnest from American college campuses to the halls of power in Washington, D.C. In a country that calls us to follow our conscience and express our beliefs, how has it come to this and how can mutual understanding navigate our way out of it? Moderated by Fr. Tim Holeda of St. Thomas More Co-cathedral.

Join us for a discussion with our panelists, Rabbi Jack Romberg, founding member of the God Squad and retired Rabbi of Temple Israel; Pastor Joseph Davis, Jr. of the Truth Gatherers Community Church; Reverend Trinity Whitley of Faith Presbyterian Church; and Jack Denton, former Senate President at Florida State University.