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Village SquareCast

Aug 19, 2021

“All Men are Created Equal,” but not everyone feels they are. Have we gone too far with insuring equality or not far enough? In “Created Equal + Breathing Free,” we’ll examine the straining of the central – and sometimes competing – principles of equality and freedom. Does your freedom threaten my equality? And does my equality limit your freedom? We’ll dive into topics of religious freedom, gay rights and the appropriate role of the law in both insuring equality and safeguarding freedom.

At this time of deep, heart-wrenching division across race, religion and political perspective – division that seems too often to create civic dialogue that finds the worst in us instead of calling our better angels – we think this is a conversation for our time, a checking back to consider how well we are hewing to the ideals of America, and perhaps a renewed promise to get there.

This program features Father Tim Holeda of St. Thomas More Co-Cathedral and Terry Galloway, Co-founder of The Mickee Faust Club. Facilitated by Bill Mattox of James Madison Institute and Village Square Board of Directors.

This program is part of the Created Equal and Breathing Free podcast series presented in partnership with Florida Humanities.

Find this event, including speaker bios, online at The Village Square.